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Interfaith Space was created to explore and develop the many dimensions of sacred space— places and gatherings where people can meet one another across the usual boundaries of religion and culture. We help link people with programs and resources to find connections to one another in Santa Clara County and the greater Bay Area.


There is a lot of interfaith work happening in our communities, but often we don't know about it. The Interfaith Space website offers links to interreligious resources and programs in the Greater Bay Area and worldwide, and news and notes about interfaith activities here and there.

We also send out a monthly e-mailing listing religious observances for the coming month and upcoming interfaith opportunities. To be added to our list, go here.


Over time, we continue to work on developing resources for other kinds of interfaith spaces-- shared places, conversations, and dialogue.

Sacred space

Where are those places where people of all religious traditions (or even none at all) are welcome to gather, to reflect, meditate or talk together? We are working on a list of places in the Bay Area that are open to all for prayer, meditation, or conversation.

Dialogue and
Conversational Space

We plan to offer opportunities for people to meet in small, structured gatherings to revive the art of conversation, and to publicize existing events. When did you last have the chance to talk about things that are deeply important to you and your community and to be heard? Check the Events calendar at Silicon Valley Interreligious Council..

We cooperate with several organizations to develop opportunities for more direct interfaith dialogue, bringing together people of differing religious traditions to learn about each other and find ways to work together with more understanding. Please contact us if your religious community would like to host an interfaith dialogue, or be a part of a dialogue hosted by another group.

Open Space

We offer facilitation for meetings and events using the model of Open Space Technology. Open Space enables people to come together for complex problem solving and creative inspiration. In Open Space, the group organizes itself around where there is passion, vision and commitment and mobilizes that energy for creative problem solving.

InterfaithSpace was founded in 2003 by Rev. D. Andrew Kille, Ph.D., who has had more than thirty years of extensive experience in interreligious dialogue and cooperation in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at revdak@interfaithspace.org

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